Message from Police Maritime Unit

We have been advised by the Police Maritime Unit that there has been an excessive number of people at the marina who apparently are not complying with Level 4 restrictions. We have clarified with the police that advice given by the Marina is that, while we are currently not restricting access to the piers, we highly discourage visiting the Marina. This information is on our website and has been conveyed to our community through emails.

The Police have also advised that they will be stepping up and focusing their patrols at the Marina using both land and sea units and will be asking for valid reasons why any visit to a vessel is essential.

We are monitoring our security system including the level of traffic through gates and barriers. Should the situation warrant it, and in consultation with the police, we may consider the restriction of access to the piers and car parks during Level 4.

For the safety of our security staff onsite and the local community, we again ask you to refrain from visiting the marina unless your visit falls under the category of essential, and only in line with Level 4 restrictions.

We appreciate you cooperation and support.

Please stay safe.

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